15 Animals Whose Genetic Mutations Only Added to Their Charm

We know that zebras must be striped and that cats and dogs always have 4 legs and just one nose. And everything that is beyond the norm is usually called a mutation, which seems like something strange and ugly. But, in fact, animals with mutations can be really cute and charming.

This hamster was born hairless, so her owners made a sweater for her.

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This husky has a huge tail, like a fox.

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This cat with vitiligo looks like it just dipped its face into white paint.

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This kitten’s paws look like human hands.

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This cat’s eyes resemble Sauron’s.

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This dog has lips. He looks like a human that somebody put a spell on.

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This Indonesian breed of chicken has a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation, making the chicken mostly black, including its feathers, beak, and internal organs.

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Nature awarded this greenfinch with a terrific hairdo.

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Even Cara Delevingne would envy the natural eyebrows on this dog.

This pigeon has 40 tail feathers.

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This cat has Shrek’s ears.

“My new kitten has an extra paw.”

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This dog has a “fork nose.”

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This cat with Down syndrome looks like an alien.

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A fox-cat


The cat-fox is part of Corsican shepherd mythology. From generation to generation, they told stories of how the forest cats would attack the udders of their ewes and goats. But in 2019, scientists discovered a unique cat that didn’t belong to any known species.

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