20 Gifs To Show That Cats Are Pure Evil

20 Gifs To Show That Cats Are Pure Evil

Cats can be the sweet and caring little balls of fur, they will be your best companion, but they can also be a right pain the the ass. Here you will see 20 gifs that show cats can be pure evil and can’t be trusted. Enjoy

1. Cats attack babies!

Cat attacks baby

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pure evil


2. They attack toddlers too!

Cat attacks kid

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3. When it comes to attacking kids, they don’t discriminate on gender!

Cat attacks girl

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4. You can’t even pose with a thumbs-up next to a cat!

Thumbs up cat

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5. And don’t even think about trying to kiss one of the little b*stards!

Cat kiss

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6. If you’re an old lady and you want to have a sing-along in front of a cat… FUGGEDABOUTIT!

Cat attacks singers

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7. Want to keep the place tidy? CATS PUNISH YOU FOR THAT!

Cat bin scare

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8. Annoying, light-switching-off little douche-bag!

Cat lights

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9. Aren’t dogs meant to bully cats? Yeah? No.

Cat claws dog

via: Shannon Nelson


10. Annoying, dog-bullying creatures!

Cat provokes dog

via: Erin Young

11. Completely unprovoked and vicious!

Cat lunges at dog

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12. KO! KO! KO!

Cat KOs dog

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13. They’re even pure evil to each other!

Cat food

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14. Even stuffed toys aren’t safe, for Christ’s sake!

Cat stuffed toy

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15. They steal pancakes!

Cat pancakes

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16. Because knocking things onto the floor is funny, right?

Cat knocking things

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Cat pushing things

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18. Look at the way it looks the owner dead in the eye before being a little FUR BALL!

Cat glass
via: Ransal


19. Yeah, that’s just the sort of crap your owner wants to clean up!

Cat toilet tissue

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20. Wait for it…

Cat Jenga

…what an evil little kitty cat.

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