25 Women Who Said, “Do Whatever You Want” to Their Hairdressers and Got Stunning Results

Ask any woman who’s visited a good beauty salon and she’ll agree that a little makeup and a new hairdo are effective ways to lift one’s mood. While struggling through everyday hassles, we often forget about how beautiful we are. Oxana Trunova, a makeup artist and the creator of “Beauty Academy,” together with hairstylist Olga Tarasova, are modern fairies who help women become more confident. And they manage to eloquently convey each of their client’s stories and character traits.

“Ellie came in with the words: ’I don’t believe in what you are doing. It can’t be real! I’m a skeptic.’ Do you think that scared us? Of course not — it only challenged us. After seeing herself in the mirror, Ellie cried and so did we. It was very touching because she didn’t recognize herself.”

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