32 Funny Animals Caught In The Act

32 Funny Animals Caught In The Act

I once left a cream cheese bagel on the counter as I went out to grab the newspaper, only to find that it had been consumed in full by my yellow lab. He wouldn’t make eye contact but the evidence was scattered across the floor and plastered to his muzzle. I’ve never seen an animal look so guilty.

Until now.

These 32 funny animals caught in the act by their owners have a face that is a picture. They didn’t expect to see you them back home so soon, but here they are!

funny animals caught

1. Oh… I was just checking to see if the asparagus was fresh. I swear!

2. There’s a what where? I’m sorry I don’t know what “lid” means.

3. The water’s warm.

4. At last I will destro — nopeIwasn’tdoinanything.

5. I regret nothing.

6. Whaaaaaaat???

7. It’s not stupid if it works.

8. We were just talking about red dots!

9. We’re wrestling!

10. It’s actually pretty nice in here. I don’t know why you use it for that.

11. Don’t judge our love.

12. Lipstick? No. Never heard of it.

13. Finally, the ribbon is — ABORT MISSION.

14. The air just tastes better up here.

15. I was just breaking them in.

16. He can’t punish me if I don’t look him in the face.

17. You’re home early.

18. Look I ruined it for you!

19. It’s exactly what it looks like.

20. What year is it?!

21. I think the cat did that.

22. My paw was hot.

23. I wasn’t going to break my diet.

24. It attacked me!

25. While you were gone? Oh, nothing. Just sat around mostly.

26. It’s gonna need more time.

27. I don’t see anything.

28. I’ve just been here all day!

29. We were just reenacting Milo and Otis.

30. Don’t go upstairs.

31. Oh… you’re still home…

32. I’m just happy to see you! 

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