45 Of The Funniest “My Family Is Weird” Stories, As Shared By People For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

We’ve collected some of the best tweets for you to enjoy below, so go on and have a read. We think the stories are great and we hope so will you. And we know that every family has its weirdness, so we can’t wait to hear your own hilarious family stories—drop us a line in the comment section at the very bottom!

“One of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband and two kids is by goofing around, and I love little rituals and routines. Aside from the basic routines like waking up for school and work and having breakfast, and brushing teeth and reading books before bed, we love to pull out our karaoke machine and cheer each other on as we take turns singing Disney classics,” Samantha, the founder of ‘Walking Outside in Slippers,’ told Bored Panda about the fun and lovable traditions in her own family.