A 5-Step Foolproof Plan To Replace ‘Harry Potter’ Forever

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Imagine if Orson Scott Card became the most successful children’s lit writer in the world before we all learned that he was a huge homophobe. Or imagine if it turned out that Abner Universal (for whom the Universal Studios Theme Parks are named) beat up all those pandas not in self-defense … but for pleasure.

Psyche, that ain’t Ol’ Thunderhead. That’s Tim Hunter from The Books of Magic comics, the ongoing series of which was written by John Ney Rieber.

But for all the similarities between Tim and Harry, there are some differences between the two, and none of them work in Potter’s favor. From the start of the books, it was clear that Harry is (and will) continue to be a good guy and a great wizard. It’s not that straightforward with Tim. The entire story is actually about whether he’ll become a good or evil wizard, and you never really know which road he will choose. Tim has real struggles and the arc of his journey isn’t obvious from the start.

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