A Hotel in Costa Rica Lets You Hang Out With Sloths, and This Simple Idea Can Protect Them From Extinction

Bright Side loves discovering new places that care about benefiting nature and teaching people how to make the planet better. Today, we invite you to have a look at the laziest place, literally — a sloth resort. And at the end, we’ve included a bonus that can melt anyone’s heart.

A sloth paradise was opened near Costa Rica’s active Arenal Volcano. It serves as a resort for these slow-moving creatures as well as a home for many other jungle animals. The main idea of this place was to preserve jungle wildlife and provide them with a safe place to enjoy their days. They began with only 2 sloths but have since expanded, and now, more than 10 of these tranquil animals are living there.

One of the ways to protect these vulnerable animals is to create special reservations for them where they can live without being threatened. This way, we can still enjoy meeting them and they’ll be happy to just live their lives!

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