Dogs Protecting Kids Video Compilation

These cute dogs are more than man's best friend, they are a baby's best friend too! These dogs make it their duty to protect their babies.
vicious kitten

Vicious Kitten Attacks Cute Doberman

Vicious Kitten Attacks Cute Doberman This vicious kitten is relentless! If he wants to play, then by golly, he’s going to play! Kitty decides that his fellow housemate...

Meet My Best Friend Mini Pig Frank

Hank the mini pig is an Instagram star. Going under the handle My Best Friend Hank, this little pig has over 100k followers and it is easy to...
cat fails

29 Spectacular Cat Fails

29 Spectacular Cat Fails Cats are cool and calculated creatures who think about every move they do with precision and grace. However, some cats just don't follow the...

Chinese Wildlife Caretaker Pretends to Be Panda

Panda cubs at a Chinese zoo are being prepared for life in the wild - with the help of keepers in life-size panda costumes. Probably this is...

Cute Baby Monkey Chillin (Video)

Blows my mind how anyone can think that we don't share a common ancestor. This is basically me everyday.