Dogs Protecting Kids Video Compilation

These cute dogs are more than man's best friend, they are a baby's best friend too! These dogs make it their duty to protect their babies.

Woman Picks Up Snake She Thought Was Dog’s Toys

Hilarious video shows wife in a robe running away in terror after picking up a SNAKE she thought was one of her dog's toys. Credit: Ariel Rosso

Dog Helps Child To Open Fridge

Two troublemakers are capturing the hearts of the internet after they were captured on camera breaking into the fridge. Rob Herbert posted video and pictures to his Facebook...

Adorable Bear Cubs Ride On Mother’s Back

This is the adorable moment a pair of bear cubs successfully crossed a large lake - by hitching a ride on their swimming mother's back.  

Golden Retrievers helping bringing in the groceries

As you can see in the video below, when mom arrives home with a car full of groceries, she doesn't have to look far to find help...

When Tigers Meet House Cat

''Lil BUB'' famous internet cat took a visit to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, IN to take some photos and video footage for Greenpeace's campaign...