The World Through Men’s Eyes Vs Women’s Eyes

The World Through Men's Eyes Vs Women's Eyes Men and women see things completely differently, Whether it is their differences in cleaning standards or the subtle white lies...

27 People Who Have Failed Humanity

27 People Who Have Failed Humanity 1. Both the guy who decides to film the bottle and not get out of the way, and the guy who decides...
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40 People That Let Down The Human Race

40 People That Let Down The Human Race If you think you have seen it all, take a look at this post. People you might have heard of...

Woman Picks Up Snake She Thought Was Dog’s Toys

Hilarious video shows wife in a robe running away in terror after picking up a SNAKE she thought was one of her dog's toys. Credit: Ariel Rosso

Funny People Being Really Lazy

15 Funny People Being Really Lazy Coz, yeah whatever, feeling good means livin’ better. 1. Source: reddit 2. Source: reddit 3. Source: reddit 4. Source: imgur 5. Source: imgur 6. Source: confidencialcolombia 7. Source: imgur 8. Source: imgur 9. Source: formyhour 10. Source: reddit 11. Source: wordpress 12. Source: reddit 13. Source: funny-pictures.picphotos 14. Source: weknowmemes 15. Source: weknowmemes  

11 Dad’s With Ninja Reflexes

These 11 dads used ninja reflexes to save their kids   Dads are often seen as sitcom stereotypes, bumbling their way around parenthood without an ounce of grace. But...