Dad Lives In Abandoned High School With His Wife And Baby After Transforming It Into Their Home

The popular saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What one may find to be useless, another person will make the best use of. This certainly goes for things such as old, out-of-date clothing or shoes, which are generally appreciated by those who are homeless or poor, as well odd things like wires and monitors that cannot be used any longer. Even with the strangest of things, like literal trash, people have found a way to turn things around and make the best use of throwaways. 

However, in a story that seems as strange as it does exciting, one man from Colorado saw an abandoned old building and decided to make that his treasure. Charles Shaw, his brother John Shaw and Charles’ wife Lisa bought an abandoned high school in Durango, Colorado, in 1997. The building was 45,000-square-feet but in poor shape, even though its walls were solid brick. All Charles, saw, however, was the potential to make his long-time dream come true.