Funny Kids Who Can Sleep Anywhere

Funny Kids Who Can Sleep Anywhere

Kids are little bundles of energy. They run around absolutely everywhere non stop for hours on end  until their batteries run out.  These 20 funny kids have hit the wall and have fallen asleep in their tracks and have given us bags of fun and entertainment

This little fella can’t be comfortable like this

The little girl who wants to make her own head sandwich

funny kids

When you’ve had enough of shopping in Ikea

The family that have had a long day out

Christmas is a tiring affair

The kid who almost made it to the couch

Kiddy Joga

The batteries have properly run out on these two toddlers

What a spectacular balancing act

This worn out kid has literally fallen asleep standing up

Like father like son

The cute little toddler who has fallen asleep in his favorite hiding place

The kid who was up all night thinking about her holiday

The poor kid who has succumb to a jam overdose

I give up. i am just going to sleep here

This little one is really beginning to TYRE

When going to the bathroom is so exhausting.

i am awake! i promise

The look on this poor dogs face is a picture

How did this even happen?