In This Online Group, People Share Accidental Camouflage And Here Are 50 Of The Best Photos

You’ve got people’s pants blending in with their surroundings, a parrot masquerading as an avocado, you know, the good stuff!

Interestingly, the Portland International Airport was one of the places where people would (accidentally) camouflage themselves quite often. To reduce the amount of noise created by people walking across the hard terminal floors, the Port of Portland contracted SRG Partnership to design a new carpet for PDX in 1987.

The SRG principal and co-designer of the carpet, John Schleuning, visited several airports before deciding how to create the carpet. SRG steered away from the earth tones traditionally used by airports in the 1980s, incorporating blue and green into their design early on and hoping to evoke “northwest to the core.”