Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mother Provided For Him As A Single Parent

There are many famous stars who grew up in single-parent households and had difficult upbringings and rose from their circumstances. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those well-known people whose moms raised them all on their own. Read on to learn of the inspiring story of DiCaprio’s mom and see just where he gets his devilishly good looks from!

Indenbirken, who was born in a bomb shelter in Germany, broke her leg when she was a little girl and then contracted infections from it because of poor living conditions. The infections led to Indenbirken being severely malnourished.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Indenbirken had told the magazine. “I can’t see him as other people do. All I’m concerned about is his health — sleep more, exercise more, eat better. That’s the litany. The rest, I wouldn’t care if he gave it up tomorrow.”

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