Man Asks Woman For A $35 Refund When She Rejects Him After Their 3rd Date, Sparks A Debate

In these days of modernity and gender equality, going Dutch on a date and splitting the bill is nothing new. It’s no big deal: we’ve seen it before and (odds are) we’ve done it countless times. However, something that you probably haven’t done is asking for equal payment after a few dates when you realize that you won’t be seeing that person again.

That’s exactly the weird situation that Alex Colboth from Milwaukee in Wisconsin found herself in. The guy she was seeing messaged her and asked her to reimburse him for the three dates that they’d been on when he was rejected by her. “It’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you,” he wrote.

Alex shared how a guy asked her for a refund when she said she didn’t want to see him anymore after 3 dates


Alex later gave all of us an update that she didn’t reimburse her Tinder match after his request.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the man was being unreasonable because he refused to accept the fact that dating is a risk. You might find yourself falling in love or you might realize that you wasted your time. But you move on. And, if you’re lucky, you learn a little something for the next date.

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