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People Who Are Happy With Close Enough

These 26 People Are Perfectly Satisfied With Close Enough

These people are the champions of ‘ Well that’s close enough ‘ and really don’t care what people think.sadly they are facing a life of failure, however their failure is ultimately our entertainment, thanks guys and girls, Enjoy!!!

This dude:

This painter:

This selfie-taker:

This exercising innovator:

This artist:

This “tourist”:

This student:

This dude:

And this one:

This lyricist:

This latte-art creator:

This Wolverine:

Whoever created this backpack:

This baker:

This portrait artist:

This Walmart employee:

This person:

This scene re-creator:

This dieter:

The joker who got this Joker tattoo:

The happy owner of this burrito:

This badass:

This car salesman:

This nail artist:

Whoever made these “Jordan” socks:

But mostly this dude: