People Share Which Jokes at Job Interviews Helped Them Get the Position They Wanted

Normally, we do our best to impress the people interviewing us for a potential job: we dress up smart, examine tips on how to behave at these meetings, and try to look as official as we can. But what if we add a pinch of humor to this serious process? Perhaps that is the key to success.

We at Bright Side found 10+ people who decided to joke around at their job interviews and the outcome was quite surprising.

I was being interviewed for a position at a bank. The bank was headquartered in North Carolina and had taken over 2 large Texas banks. The person interviewing me was from HQ and explained that he’d be my immediate supervisor. Later when he asked me what I was looking for in a job/company I gave the usual canned response and added at the end “and if possible a manager who lives in a different time zone.”