Sir Paul McCartney’s Grandson Looks Like Him In His Beatles Days

Sir Paul McCartney is one of the UK’s national treasures, earning his name with one of the most popular bands of all time, The Beatles, and never slowing down, even in his successful solo career.

Some of Paul’s family are also well known, including his daughter Stella McCartney, who is a famous fashion designer, and another daughter, photographer Mary McCartney. Her son Arthur Donald actually resembles his grandad Paul a lot, particularly during his Beatles days!

Back in 2018, Arthur accompanied his mom Mary and granddad Paul to the My Generation premiere—a documentary narrated by Michael Caine about the heyday of the 1960s, according to The Sun. It was then that the world got a glimpse of how similar Arthur was to Paul! With his handsome boyish face, it was clear that Arthur was a chip off the old block—it was Paul’s boyish charm that made him such a stud to the ladies back in the ’60s! Something about both of their dark eyes and slight mischievous smiles is just irresistible to women.

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