Teen Couldn’t Afford Dream Prom Dress — Her Date Teaches Himself To Sew And Makes It From Scratch

Who among us doesn’t remember our prom? This milestone event in the life of high school students has remained a fixture for decades now and for good reason. Prom is one of the most exciting events of a student’s time in high school. From the fancy dresses to the lighting, the dancing to the feeling of love in the air, prom can feel just like stepping into a fairy tale! 

Proud parents reminisce about their own proms, flashing back to their glitzy outfits and what seem today like crazy hairstyles that gave them memories they could cherish for the rest of their lives. Kids nervously pose with their dates as they look forward to letting their hair down for one evening and have fun as their school event takes a dazzling turn and gives them opportunities to make beautiful memories of their own.