Videos Show Brave Fairgoers Rushing To Stop ‘Magic Carpet’ Carnival Ride Packed With Riders From Toppling Over

Lots of people love to ride rides at the fairgrounds, and many are even amusement park enthusiasts, but those who avoid amusement park rides have a reason to back them up after one almost went terribly wrong. Events took an unexpected turn when one ‘magic carpet’ ride in Traverse City, Michigan, came loose from its base. On July 8, 2021, riders of the ‘magic carpet’ at the Cherry Festival avoided a catastrophe. As the pendulum ride loosened from its base, other fairgoers scrambled to keep the ride from toppling over. As the ride went up and down, it looked as though the front became unhooked and was going to fall over backward. The base of the ride was rocking unsteadily when others at the festival noticed the faulty amusement ride. Thankfully, other fairgoers quickly rushed to hang on the ride’s gate in an attempt to use their collective body weight to keep the ride from falling over. To everyone’s relief, their efforts worked, and the Cherry Festival avoided what could have been a Thursday night full of anything but fun.

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