This Website Will Dump Your Partner For $10

This Website Will Dump Your Partner For £10

If you want to avoid seeing a grown-up sob in front of you, you may want to use the services of a website that is claiming that they will break up with your partner for you, because you know, you might as well own your asshole-ness.

Two not-so-polite Canadians have gone ahead and created The Breakup Shop, a website that will “handle the messy work of the breakup” for you. And all you need is $10.

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If you think that paying $10 to have a website text your partner a breakup message is too much of an asshole move, then you can pay $29 for a phone call or $30 for a custom letter, and hopefully you’ll sleep soundly while your ex sets your car on fire. The phone call only lasts one minute because talking on the phone is obsolete and anything longer would be unacceptable.


The Breakup Shop can also send your recently dumped partner a “Breakup Gift Pack” for $80. This pack includes “The Notebook” on Blu-ray (or “Call of Duty”), a Netflix gift card, and even a box of chocolate chips cookies.

Or you can save your money and break up with them in person so that you don’t become a Facebook post that goes viral about what a shitbag you are.

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