Why More and More Men Are Starting to Wear Makeup

From a light skin moisturizer and translucent lip balm, to bright eye shadows and fake eyelashes, there are many different ways that men are using makeup nowadays. While for many people male makeup still feels taboo, this trend seems to be on the rise now, and we are seeing more and more men with beauty products on their faces, both at red carpet events and in everyday life.

We at Bright Side took a closer look at the modern trend of male makeup, and it turns out, it’s not an invention from the 21st century.

Even though wearing makeup is not new for men, until recently, it was mainly actors and musicians who were wearing makeup to make their looks on screen and on stage more eye-catching and bright. Today, we see more and more men using beauty products in their daily lives as well, so why is male makeup on the rise now?

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